What is Traco GFX?

Our solution streamlines the lengthy broadcast production processes by integrating various professional tools and graphic templates. By linking these services, producers save time and have better control over timing adjustments or metadata layers.

Traco GFX allows the users to browse VizRT Pilot templates, create and edit data elements and set the timing of data elements on Avid assets. Rendered projects can be easily be distributed to different social media or CMS channels using Traco MediaDistributor.


Vizrt graphics in Avid MediaCentral

Traco GFX integrates Vizrt graphics into MediaCentral Cloud UX, where production teams can easily add favourite graphic templates to create the news report more engaging for the audience. 

Graphic Templates

We natively support powerful template-based graphics and video for the newsroom by Vizrt to bring more variety and to ensure the editor’s work efficiency. Viz Content Pilot templates allow editors to invest more of their valuable time in the content creation.

Graphics Timing

Graphics timing is conveniently changeable to bring absolute precision in news creation. Get the perfect overview of all graphics, their timing and duration directly in the timeline, and adjust it according to your specific needs.

Graphics preview

Get the perfect control of your project with a graphics preview in Cloud UX player. Using an integrated player can reduce errors and enables you to see the final video while editing it. Static preview is intended for fast review of all the graphic elements as well as a dynamic preview on demand.

MOS workflow with NRCS

With the help of Traco GFX, Media Object Server workflow connects to popular NRCS like Octopus or iNews. Being able to link the workflow with these systems is essential for professional broadcast production.

Rendering and distribution

The final version of the project enriched with graphical elements and additional metadata can be rendered by Traco MediaRenderer. With the help of Traco MediaDistributor, the rendered projects can easily be distributed to different social media or CMS channels.

MetaCaptions – CC editor

Traco GFX supports one layer of time-based metadata and as many MetaCaption layers as the administrator defines. These layers provide the opportunity to add closed captions, subtitles for multiple languages, description or other additional information and can be easily edited in the user interface.

Use Cases

Creating attractive content in the shortest amount of time is the main ambition of modern broadcast production, along with being able to react promptly to current events. One of their biggest challenges is to save time that editors have to spend to create and render the content. This is especially true when producing the news.

For example, after the editor has finished editing a news story, they can add lower third graphics and other elements straight away within the Avid MediaCentral, which makes the process faster and more accurate. The editor can choose from a wide variety of graphic templates provided by Viz Content Pilot directly in the interface and adjust their timing and duration on the timeline. 

This way, all the actions required to finalize the news report can be done in a single thin-client computer. 

The current trend is to be flexible enough to inform viewers using all available channels, including social networks. That is one of the reasons why we have developed the Traco GFX, which aims to streamline the day-to-day reporting work.

A great way of attracting a new audience is to use social media channels, where the producers can share news stories from the live broadcast, or just short sequences from their shows. When it comes to breaking news or current events, every minute counts. With our solution, producers spend less time facing technical difficulties and more time focusing on the content and quality of the video.

For example, Traco GFX adjusts the font size and design of the graphical elements to serve the needs of the target channel.

Integrated Cloud UX player enables to see the final video before distribution. Once the project is ready, Traco MediaRenderer ensures the preparation of the media and it can be directly published online by Traco MediaDistributor.

Another important feature is the ability to insert multiple layers of closed captioning. Let’s say a production team creates content for the global market and targets multiple audiences speaking different languages. 

After the video has been translated, it can be easily enriched with multiple subtitle layers for the viewer to choose from. Having all subtitles in one place can also help with quality check, as it provides a practical overview of the timing and duration of each subtitle event. Moreover, Traco GFX provides the ability to add an audio description for blind people or people with vision impairment.

As social media networks play an increasingly important role in the TV broadcast industry, many production teams do their best to make any necessary changes that could potentially increase reach and attract more viewers. Production teams can target the viewers consuming video content on their mobile devices without sound by simply adding captions to the video before publishing it to social media.

For a higher level of automatization, this solution can be combined with our Traco AI platform. Artificial intelligence analyses the media and uses facial recognition and object detection and makes adding the graphics even easier and more precise. Furthermore, it can prevent unwanted mismatches or typos.

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